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After grabbing your favorite vehicle from the Bill Penney Toyota inventory, you can check out the many aftermarket accessories available in our service and parts shop. We understand many people want to personalize their ride, and that’s what our inventory of speakers, subwoofers, remote starts, LED light bars, and other electronics are all about.

You can get a feel for our in-stock options online or by speaking with a member of our service shop. With helpful technicians on site, you can quickly customize your model before hitting the open roads of Huntsville, Athens, and Elkmont!


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Keeping You Entertained


Car SpeakersPerhaps you have a house full of kids who need to be entertained on long trips or you crave a first-class stereo system for your morning commute. Either way, the aftermarket entertainment features we have to offer will go a long way toward livening up any drive.

The speakers and subwoofers can be fitted into a vehicle of any size, from trucks and minivans to sedans and coupes. With premier brands in stock, we can hook you up with a crystal-clear, immersive sound studio.

For riders seated in the second or third row of your vehicle, they can pass the time by accessing entertainment setups, such as our overhead DVD system and other in-car video arrangements.


Exterior Styling Accessories


Certain exterior accessories provide a unique look, others offer practical support, and then you have parts able to do both. A vehicle’s lights walk that thin line between adding visual appeal and also providing a practical, everyday use.

LED lights are the new favorite, giving your vehicle immense illumination while also providing head-turning flair as you cruise down local streets after dark. From the headlights, flood lights, and daytime running lights to the taillights, our certified technicians will have your model looking like something out of a sci-fi movie.

For trucks and off-roading machines, LED light bars are often considered a must-have accessory, both for their aesthetic panache and their usability on unpaved trails.


Luxurious Trimmings and Accessories


Remote Start Aftermarket AccessoryYou can always up the convenience and accommodations of your model by installing luxury accessories. For instance, remote starts are a good way to heat up your vehicle without having to step foot outdoors on those brisk winter mornings.

The remote connectivity of any vehicle is important in the modern age of automotive technology. So, if you want to improve this type of remote access to your car, browse through our many cutting-edge systems and technologies.


Find the Right Aftermarket Accessory for Your Model!


You can always add parts and accessories to your vehicle so it reflects your own personality while driving around Huntsville, Athens, and Elkmont. Eager to get started? The premier technicians at our Bill Penney Toyota service center are ready to get to work on your vehicle.

To book a visit, give us a call or schedule a visit with our online tool!

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