New 2016 Toyota Corolla

New 2016 Corolla

Elevate Your Drive

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Get where you want to go.The 2016 Toyota Corolla is your all-access pass to life, ready to help you achieve that next big dream, and in plenty of style too. When you drive a Corolla your friends and gear can ride in comfort, and advanced tech helps keep you connected to your music, maps and apps. Big things are about to happen.

Exterior styling

Corolla elevates your style with its eye-catching design, premium interior with the features you want, and enough technology to help you stay connected. It takes the best of everything you love about driving and perfects it. No matter where your journeys may take you, Corolla is ready. Get more information…

Sporty Interior

The perfect drive requires the perfect fit. Corolla’s sportier driver’s-seat position has been designed to be similar to high-performance cars so that the extra-supportive and body-hugging seats keep you firmly seated and help you get the most out of your drive. Get more information…

Getting more from less

Corolla’s Valvematic engine technology helps provide a more rewarding drive and greater fuel efficiency. The CTVi-S transmission adds smoothness and gives you more control, making the drive just as fun in stop-and-go traffic as it is on the open road. Get more information…