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Toyota 2012 Aqua Hybrid Achieves 83 MPG

Wow! A vehicle that gets 83 mpg? That would certainly save you some money at the gas pump. Introducing: the Toyota 2012 Aqua Hybrid- a fresh-faced gasoline-electric compact hybrid car that was named "Aqua" when it was showcased on December 26, 2011. The bad news? The Japanese company plans to sell twelve thousand models every month- only in Japan.

In Japan, the Aqua hybrid will retail for the equivalent of around $21,000- a fair price for such great fuel savings. The vehicle features a battery-powered water pump, coolant-water-flow volume control, a beltless design, and a 1.5 liter hybrid system. Colors for the Aqua come in ten bright, shiny options for the exterior and earthy tones for the interior.

Don't fret, readers. The good news is, plans are being created to bring the Aqua to the U.S. in the next few years (though possibly under a different name). And, if you can't wait to have a vehicle with fantastic fuel efficiency ratings, there's always the environmentally-friendly family of 2012 Prius vehicles to keep you satisfied while you wait.

Interested in leasing or purchasing a Toyota Prius model or a different new Toyota? Or, perhaps you're more interested in a used car in Huntsville, AL? The friendly salespeople at Bill Penney Toyota can help with that, too! Stop by or call us at (866) 797-0495 for more information.

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